The aims and objectives of Hari Om Mandir are to propagate Hindu religious and spiritual ideals, to promote social, educational charitable and cultural awareness, to hold Kirtan and Satsang, to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays of Hindu Avtars, Saints and patriots, to provide facilities for research on Hindu religious topics, to provide facilities for religious and social library, to provide financial assistance for medical treatment, education and for other purposes to needy persons, etc.

The Management has, from time to time, endeavoured to achieve the goals for which the institution stands for. Our areas are religious, cultural, social and charitable activities.


Our religious activities:
Weekly Asa-Di-War, Satsang, Kirtan and Pravachan are held on every Sunday, followed by Anand Saheb, Arti, Ardas, Vachan Saheb and Pallav. Sat Narain Katha and Chand are also observed on the concerned days. Birthdays of Avtars and Saints are celebrated e.g. Ram Navami, Cheti Chand (the birthday of Lord Jhule Lal), Janama Ashtmi, Ganesh Jayanti, Guru Nanak Devji Jayanti and Guru Gobind Singh Saheb’s birthday. Apart from these festivals, other festivals such as Bada Mangal (Hanuman Jayanti), Maha Shiv Ratri, Mata Jagran and Shrandhanjali Divas are celebrated with grand enthusiasm and devotion. Shradhanjali Diwas is observed in the month of April every year on its last Sunday to pay respectful homage to those departed souls who, during their lifetime, selflessly served this pious institution with great zeal and devotion. All the religious programmes are organized in a befitting manner.

Kartik Mahotsav (Tulsi Vrat) and Guru Nanak Devji Jayanti are celebrated from Gopa-Austami to Kartik Purnima for seven/eight days on large scale and in grand manner. Langar is arranged on all these days after Satsang. During this festival various programmes are held including competition programmes for children of different age groups on religious topics like Ramayan, Geeta, Japuji Saheb, Sukhmani, Bhajan, discourse on religious topics etc. and prizes are distributed for their participation and performance. On the last three days Akhand Path of Guru Granth Saheb is held. On the day of Guru Nanakdevji Jayanti Langar (community kitchen) is arranged on large scale. Thousands of devotees participate in these festivals and offer their services for the cause of Mandir.

Mandir also offer facility to other organizations / missions for holding their Satsang and Pravachan for the benefit of the devotees, e.g. Geeta Gyan Yagya by Vedant Mission, Lucknow, discourses by Satya Sai Sangh etc.

Our Social Activities:
The premises of Hari Om Mandir are freely made available for the ceremonies like Pugree, Chautha and Uthala (condolence-cum-prayer meetings for the departed souls) to all those who wish to perform these rites in Mandir. Hari Om Mandir extends all the necessary facilitates on such occasions. The facility of keeping ashes is also available. Such facilities have been widely appreciated and welcomed by all the sections of society.

Blood donation camps, Holi Milan Samaroh, get-together programmes and various other social activities by other organizations, institutions and N.G.Os are also organized from time to time.

The Management of Hari Om Mandir is infused with vigour, dynamism, dedication and foresight. It is now looking to the future with great confidence and sense of mission. Mandir is indebted to the society at large and also to its office bearers & members for their ungrudging support and cooperation in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities. It is the collective effort of all that we have achieved all this so far.

Our Charitable Activities:
Hari Om Mandir extends financial assistance to the needy and poor devotees of Mandir within its limited resources. The areas covered at present under the head “charity” are educational aid to the wards of poor and needy, medical aid to the sick, financial and other assistance on the occasion of poor girls’ marriages, financial assistance to meet the funeral expenses in case of death in a poor family etc. Mandir also distributes woolen clothes in winter season and some other items of clothing during summer season. The management has tried to extend the areas under this head from time to time so as to cover as many beneficiaries as possible within the available resources.

The most significant achievement for Mandir during the year 2004 (Golden Jubilee Year of Mandir) has been the help extended by Mandir to one hundred one economically weak families of Lucknow who had no house of their own. Mandir had allotted these houses to poor devotees of Mandir, (constructed by D.U.D.A.) who come under the eligibility criteria. The allottees are living in this colony which is named as “Hari Om Mandir Avasiya Colony” at Para, Narpatkhera, Lucknow.